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made a gift in your honor.

LWR Gifts send children to school,
give clean drinking water,
help farmers grow food, and
empower communities to pull
themselves out of poverty.

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Gifts Gonated:
Cocoa Dryer Milking Kit
Cocoa Seedlings Piglet
Coffee Seedlings Playground Toys
Crop Storage Rickshaw
Dairy Cow Seeds for 20 Farming Households
Donkey and Cart Seeds for a Farming Community
Early Warning Equipment Sets Send 8 Mission Quilts
Emergency Water School Supplies
Family Water System Sheep
Farming Tools Smokeless Cook Stove
Fruit Tree Seedlings Sponsor a Farmer Educator
Fund A Farming Community

Water a Community's Fields

Goat Water Harvesting Pits - 1/4 Acre
Hen and Chicks Water Harvesting Pits - 1/2 Acre
Improve a Farmer's Land Water Harvesting Pits - 1 Acre
Lifesaving Equipment Well Construction Materials
Medical Supplies Worms

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